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Tips for Acne Prone

Dealing with acne is hard, but we're here to make it a little easier

Ways to help prevent acne

1. Change your pillowcase every other day, as pillowcases can house dirt and oil that can get into your pores as you sleep, leading to breakouts.
2. Clean your cellphone case every week – it rests on your face (a lot) and can cause breakouts. Try setting a calendar reminder on your phone to jog your memory.
3. Wash your makeup brushes weekly. If you don’t have makeup brush cleaner, you can use Facial Wash to clean your brushes instead.
4. Drying out your skin can actually cause more zits, not less. Try limiting hot showers to 5 minutes per day. Too much time in hot water and steam can strip away your skin’s oily layer, and cause it to lose moisture.
5. To effectively treat breakouts, make sure you’re using the right combination of products, including a moisturizer like clearskin.
6. Keep your hands off of your face. The added dirt and bacteria from your hands can lead to more pimples.