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A woman tanning inside of a tanning bed.

No tanning bed is safe

Myth: Tanning booths are safe as long as they don’t contain UVB rays.

Indoor tanning is a highly dangerous activity that increases skin cancer risks dramatically. Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School collected data from over 73,000 female nurses from 1989-2009. The research indicates that even just ONE indoor tanning visit a year increased a woman’s likelihood of developing basal cell carcinoma by 10%. Six or more visits increased that chance by 82%. Just four tanning sessions increased the chances of non-melanoma skin cancers by 15% and melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, by 11%.

The risk is even higher for younger tanners. According to an article published by Skin & Allergy News, statistics show that 7% of adolescent girls have used a tanning bed by the age of 14. From ages 14-15 that number doubles to 14%, then doubles once more from the ages of 15-17.

In addition to the increased cancer risks, indoor tanning creates oxidative damage and increases the visible signs of aging. Melanoma is projected to kill 8,790 Americans this year alone. Those are scary numbers. If you are really looking for a safe sun-kissed glow, PCA SKIN recommends a spray tan.