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Women applying PCA SKIN serum to face
A trail of smoke across a plain, black background.

Your habit impacts more then you may think

The effects of cigarettes reach nearly every organ of the body, including the skin. The sooner a smoker puts down the cigarettes, the sooner the body will begin healing from the damage of the nicotine and various chemicals contained within. The skin, however, typically requires more attention. With monthly PCA SKIN chemical peels and a collagen-building daily care regimen, the skin can begin the recovery process.

Some not so fun facts about smoking:

Just one cigarette restricts blood flow for up to 90 minutes.
• The body produces more blood vessels to compensate for the oxygen restriction due to smoking.
• De-oxygenated skin often exhibits a grey or yellow tone.
• It only takes 15-20 seconds for cigarette smoke to impact each part of the body.
• Blood circulation is significantly decreased due to the vasoconstrictive nature of nicotine.
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