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It's not all about genetics

Myth: You have no control over how your skin will age – it’s all genetics. While it’s true that genetics play a role, there are many other factors in determining how your skin will age. Things like sun exposure, whether or not you smoke, your daily skin care regimen, etc. will influence your skin as you get older. These avoidable factors are thought to contribute up to 90% to the visible aging process. PCA SKIN offers several products that effectively target various aging concerns PCA SKIN offers several products to target various aging concerns. Explore PCA SKIN anti-aging products.

Your three anti-aging essentials:

1. C&E Advanced: Our most advanced antioxidant formula diminishes dark spots, soothes irritated skin and reduces signs of aging.
2. ExLinea® Pro Peptide Serum: Dramatically minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with this advanced neuropeptide spot treatment. Formulated with our proprietary technology, Peptide-Pro Complex, this powerful blend contains four unique ingredients that work synergistically to help relax facial muscle contractions and reduce the appearance of visible expression lines.
3. Intensive Age Refining Treatment®: pure retinol night: Crucial to reduce signs of aging, improve texture and boost collagen production, this retinol has hydrating ingredients sodium hyaluronate and panthenol