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Eye Products 101

The importance of eye products and how to use them


It’s common beauty knowledge that skincare professionals list eye products as a staple in daily care, especially as you get older. While many people may have heard this recommendation, few people understand the reason behind it, leading to improper use, purchasing the wrong product or a total lack of use.


An eye product’s purpose is to strengthen, hydrate and protect the very fragile skin around our eyes. Skin in this small area is thinner and more sensitive than on the rest of the face. The eye area retains and loses moisture differently, cultivating a breeding ground for signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. A good eye product will also contain ingredients that reduce puffiness and dark circles, which are visible due to the thinner skin in this area. Eye products are formulated with special ingredients that are designed to treat this sensitive area without causing irritation.


Since preventing is easier than reversing, PCA SKIN and skincare professionals recommend eye products to those in their 20s as well as those in their older years.


Just like the skin in this area, application should be sensitive and conservative. These products are potent, so you truly only need a small amount in order to get maximum benefits. For application, get a little product on your fourth finger. Tip: for eye products in jars, dab instead of wiping product out of the packaging. Lightly dabbing your finger on the top should be enough product for both eyes. With your fourth finger, dab along the bottom of your eyes, being careful not to pull and stretch the skin. You should pat eye cream or gel into your skin and allow it to absorb naturally. Too much product in the morning can result in messy makeup and too much product at night can worm its way into your eyes causing irritation throughout the night.


Most eye products are not recommended for the eyelids. The warmth in the eyelid can cause product to run into the eye, often resulting in irritation. However, PCA SKIN has products that have been tested and recommended for effective use on the eyelid.


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