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Soothe and hydrate your dry skin on your face with these six, simple pointers

6 of the best things to do for dry skin from PCA SKIN

1. Moisturize daily. Moisturizing morning and night keeps your skin hydrated every second of the day. Your skin can be dryer in the winter, so you should use a heavier moisturizer than what you use on a daily basis.
2. Use a humidifier in the winter. This can help replenish the moisture in the top layer of your skin.
3. Limit your baths or showers to 5 to 10 minutes a day. Spending more time in the shower than that can strip away your skin’s oily layer, which can cause it to lose moisture.
4. Drink lots of water. It’s important to your overall health, including your skin health, to stay hydrated. You should drink 8 cups of water a day.
5. Maintain a healthy diet. Your diet can have a big impact on your skin – eating healthy provides you the vitamins and nutrients your body and skin needs to stay healthy.
6. Wear sunscreen. A lot of skin damage comes from sun exposure. Wearing sunscreen daily (even in the winter or on cloudy days) will help prevent all kinds of issues, including dryness and skin cancer.
7. Explore our product recommendations for those with dry skin.