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Women applying PCA SKIN serum to face
Adult woman with acne on half her face.

Nighttime use of vitamin A for clear skin


Myth: You'll eventually outgrow acne.
Not necessarily. Acne is a real concern for many adults. Just because you had acne as a teen, doesn’t mean you’ll have acne as an adult; and just because you had clear skin as a teen, doesn’t mean you won’t develop acne later in life. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including hormones, diet, stress and more. It’s important to use the right combination of ingredients to regain control of your skin and effectively clear your acne. Using a balance of products with ingredients that work instantly to clear current breakouts, like benzoyl peroxide, and products that are formulated with ingredients that get a little deeper into the skin preventing future breakouts, like retinol, will give you the best results. Explore PCA SKIN’s acne essentials treatment options for various grades of acne, no matter your age. There are varying levels of severity when it comes to acne. Make sure to see a PCA SKIN Certified Professional for a thorough skin evaluation and recommendation of products that will target your specific acne.


The addition of professional treatments, including professional peels, will boost your results and help keep your skin clear and healthy. Find a PCA SKIN Certified Professional.