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PCA Skin Certified Professionals
We’re breaking down the top five myths about all natural versus synthetically-produced products.

top five myths

Natural versus synthetic ingredients

There are many resources on the web about the type of skincare you should be using, and they often have conflicting opinions. It’s hard to navigate what’s true and what’s not, and what’s actually the most beneficial and safe. We’re breaking down the top five myths about all natural versus synthetically produced products.

Myth #1: Something made with chemicals is always bad for you.
Truth: All matter is made of chemicals – water is a chemical. Saying something is a “chemical” does not make is dangerous.

Myth #2: Something made with natural ingredients it is inherently good for you.
Truth: Petroleum is natural and you wouldn’t want to ingest that or apply it topically.

Myth #3: Synthetic ingredients are bad for you.
Truth: Synthetic does not mean “un-natural”, it simply means that the ingredient was created to mirror its original source without a company behaving in an environmentally irresponsible way to obtain it.

Myth #4: All natural ingredients are sourced more responsibly than their synthetic counterparts.
Truth: Just because an ingredient comes from nature doesn’t mean it is sourced in an environmentally responsible way. Manufacturing minute amounts of a skincare ingredient naturally found in plants, can require harvesting and processing acres of that plant. Synthesizing that ingredient in a lab can create exactly the same molecule that functions in exactly the same way on your skin, while preserving those natural resources. In other words, your skin doesn’t know the difference between natural and synthetic versions of the same ingredients.

Myth #5: All natural ingredients have botanical origins.
Truth: Many common skincare ingredients are actually derived from animal sources. For example, hyaluronic acid has amazing hydrating benefits, but naturally comes from the combs of roosters. That molecule can be created synthetically in a lab and provide the same hydrating benefits without risk of animal cruelty.

Ask questions about the skincare products you’re buying. At PCA SKIN® we are proud to formulate with both natural and synthetic ingredients, while considering the environment, ensuring that our products are safe and have the same efficacy with every batch.

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