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PCA Skin Certified Professionals
We consider the environment in every decision we make.

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Dedicated to being environmentally friendly

PCA SKIN not only strives to be forward-thinking in the innovation and development of our products, but also in how we source our raw materials, the packaging materials we choose as well as the practices we put in place at our global headquarters. We consider the environment in every decision we make.

When sourcing raw materials for our products, we look for sustainable sources. Many highly effective ingredients originate in plant sources that may be ecologically sensitive. A more environmentally friendly way to procure these types of ingredients it to find sources that engineer the identical molecule without the need for vast harvesting and waste of trees and plants. This yields excellent, consistent products while taking the long-term health of the planet into consideration.

In 2007, PCA SKIN made a major change to our packaging. We moved away from Styrofoam® packing peanuts to completely biodegradable cornstarch peanuts. This biodegradable form of packing peanuts dissolve completely in water, leaving no environmental waste behind. Additionally, all of our packaging components are recyclable.

This same year, PCA SKIN also switched the printing of all of our brochures and other printed materials to solely Forest Service Approved paper products.

In our global headquarters, we have a robust recycling program, as well as a “living wall” of NASA-identified plants that further purify the air in our working environment.

At PCA SKIN, our mission is to improve people’s lives. This includes our long-term commitment to protecting and preserving our environment.