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PCA Skin Certified Professionals
“We’ve actively worked to make sure redheads have a place…”

A Conversation with How To Be A Redhead

Discover the passion that drives these redhead beauty experts

What sparked your passion in skincare? How did you get started?

We always joked that we knew “How to be a Redhead”. We saw a gap in the beauty industry market and decided to launch the first ever beauty website for redheads! We launched in 2011 and were embraced by the beauty industry ever since.

Redheads have extremely sensitive skin so we always knew it would be a big topic of conversation. We knew if we were testing and recommending skin products, we better find the best brands and have a wide variety of knowledge about skincare — specifically for redhead skin.

We’ve actively worked to make sure redheads have a place in the beauty world and have since been deemed ‘redhead beauty experts’. It has since grown to much more than a website and it was so worth it to go for our dreams.

How has the beauty industry affected your life personally?

Adrienne: Between Steph and I, I have the most sensitive skin ever. Being part of an industry that knows the best of everything, it helped me realize what I needed for the best skin and hair; and the ability to relate to our audience.

Stephanie: It’s made me more aware of what I should and should not be putting on my face. It’s educated me a lot on the importance of ingredients and made me fall in love with retinol!

What do you see being the next big trend in skincare?

We think a more natural look is going to be the next big trend. Goodbye heavy foundations and contouring. It’s going to be all about embracing your freckles and letting your skin shine.

What are your favorite ingredients right now and why?

Hyaluronic acid is definitely one of our favorite ingredients. It adds so much hydration to our sensitive skin. We can’t get enough!

Why did you choose to work with PCA SKIN and create a starter kit?

PCA Skin truly complements sensitive skin. Skin that was once dry, red, acne-prone & inflamed, is now hydrated, glowing and protected. Each ‘Redhead Friendly' approved PCA Skin product in our kit is gentle, yet effective. Get ready to fall in love!

Learn more about How to Be a Redhead’s Redness Refreshers.

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