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PCA Skin Certified Professionals
“The beauty space is constantly innovating and it’s great to see a laser-focus on results…”

A Conversation with Bart Kaczanowicz of ‘OMGBart’

See why honesty and results are what Bart values the most in skincare

What sparked your passion in skincare?

My mom. I remember her loyalty to her own proper skincare routine and admired her daily ritual, which always included a cream cleanser and rosewater toner. My own skincare journey began when I moved from Poland to New York City in my early twenties. Boutiques and beauty counters reeled me in with their fancy window displays, provocative artwork, and lofty product claims. An unforgettable first facial during a 4th of July getaway to Newport, RI ignited deeper interest in the industry. The rest, as they say, is history.

What made you realize you wanted to share your perspective on social media?

During a toast at my college graduation party, my friend referred to me as “...the best person to ask which eye cream to purchase” - true story. That was before Twitter and years before Instagram. Social channels were both tempting and encouraging but I wasn’t sure if my point of view and humor would be useful to others or that I would find an audience. As it happens, many appreciate a guy’s take on the buzz in skincare, which has been humbling and a wonderful surprise. I think it helps that I am 38 and can speak personally to the effect of ‘anti-aging’.

What do you see being the next big trend in skincare?

Transparency. As customers, we have become more educated about the importance of ingredients and the claims about a product than ever before. We are also more mindful of how to address skin concerns, consider in-office treatments and are increasingly less likely to be persuaded by marketing hype or celebrity endorsements. The beauty space is constantly innovating and it’s great to see a laser-focus on results-driven formulas in most brands.

What are your favorite ingredients right now and why?

Niacinamide! I chase effective solutions to help me address enlarged pores like it’s my job. I’ve had great success with serums that include Niacinamide. Vitamin C during the day is a must for me, which is why a tube of C & E strength max is a non-negotiable staple in my routine. It works wonders under daily SPF.

What are your go-to treatments and why?

A great mask is the reset button my skin needs when I'm traveling or after a late night at an event. This summer, my most-reached-for mask has been the PCA Skin Detoxifying Mask and Pore Treatment with the Hydrating Mask not far behind. I can't get enough of the Pigment Bar. I’ve noticed a remarkable difference since I began using it in April.

Why did you choose to work with PCA SKIN and create a starter kit?

As an enthusiast of PCA Skin treatment formulas, I have seen an improvement in uneven tone, congested pores and overall radiance. I’d love to introduce you to my favorites that will deliver instant and long-term results. Tested by yours truly, these complexion perfecters will help you glow before a special event, erase the signs of fatigue after a long flight or an eventful night out.

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Après Peel® Hydrating Balm

Improve the overall appearance of aging skin with this light-textured moisturizer containing chasteberry, soy isoflavones, and olive and wheat germ oils.


Acne Gel

Clear existing and prevent future acne breakouts with this fast-acting, salicylic acid treatment. A unique botanical blend controls daily oil production.


Anti-Redness Serum

Improve redness associated with sensitive skin conditions with this calming serum containing a blend of red and brown algae, and a derivative of chamomile.


Blemish Control Bar

Clear breakouts over large areas on the face and body with this cleansing bar formulated with 2% salicylic acid and eucalyptus to purify the skin.


BPO 5% Cleanser

Eliminate existing and future breakouts, ridding your skin of impurities with this benzoyl peroxide and gluconolactone cleanser that penetrates pores instantly.


Active Broad Spectrum SPF 45:
Water Resistant

Providing water-resistant, UVA/UVB protection, this light SPF is perfect for outdoor activity. Added antioxidants increase protection from free-radical damage.


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