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PCA Skin Certified Professionals
“…everyone knows the key to great makeup is starting with great skin.”

A Conversation with Jamie Lewis of ‘Makeup, Life and Love’s A+ Anti-Agers’

Jamie reveals what inspired her to share her beauty knowledge

What sparked your passion in skincare?

I started in this industry with my makeup license and an obsession, but everyone knows the key to great makeup is starting with great skin. This has turned my passion for skin care into overdrive, whether it is researching ingredients and science behind products to help share the best of the best with my readers or being a personal guinea pig trying out new things to find the best regimen and routine for myself and others. I love when readers send me testimonials about how certain products have changed their skin for the best, because of something I have recommended.

What made you realize you wanted to share your perspective on social media? Who or what inspired you to do so?

At the urging of all of my friends always asking me for tips and tricks on the latest and greatest, I decided to share my passion for the beauty industry with more than just them. I was inspired by being that girl at one point standing in the middle of the beauty section overwhelmed by the endless options of what you should try and use. Because of this, I have made it my mission to share EASY beauty and skincare knowledge with REAL everyday women who don't have the time to research everything under the sun before trying it. My readers help inspire me to do be that person for them.

What are your favorite ingredients right now and why?

My favorite ingredients at the moment would have to be Vitamin C, Lactic Acid, Peptides and of course Retinol. I love that Vitamin C can seriously help transform your skin with everything from texture to lightening dark spots. Where lactic acid is such a great ingredient that is part of the AHA family. It is a great chemical exfoliant that helps remove dead skin cells and promote cellular turnover of the skin. When it comes to Peptides and Retinol, I also am having a really big moment with them in skin care especially while focusing on anti-aging. Peptides are something so many of us don't realize we need to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles all while helping plump and hydrate the skin, where with Retinol will always be the number one go-to for all things. From anti-aging to brightening, retinol is one of those ingredients that just makes everything better. For me, these ingredients have made a MAJOR difference in my skincare and how the overall look of my skin is.

What are your go-to treatments and why?

Niacinamide! I chase effective solutions to help me address enlarged pores like it’s my job. I’ve had great success with serums that include Niacinamide. Vitamin C during the day is a must for me, which is why a tube of C & E strength max is a non-negotiable staple in my routine. It works wonders under daily SPF.

What are your go-to treatments and why?

My top go-to treatments at the moment have to be facials and of course chemical peels. PCA Skin has some of the best chemical peels you can get and what is even better is that they are super customizable to your skin and your needs. A chemical peel can help change your skin for the best and I highly recommend it to EVERYONE!

You have a new anti-aging kit. Can you explain why you chose the products in your kit?

I chose the products in this kit because being in my Mid-30's myself, anti-aging is a HUGE thing that I focus on. The products in this kit are formulated with the right ingredients to help prevent, protect and hydrate the skin effectively to help you maintain your youthful complexion. Not only will you experience almost immediate results, your skin will thank you every day with this strong anti-aging routine.

Learn more about Makeup, Life and Love’s A+ Anti-Agers.

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