All expressions. No lines.

Clinically-proven immediate and long-lasting improvement

Professional treatments and cosmetic injections are not the only solutions for smoothing away facial expression lines. Discover ExLinea® Pro Peptide Serum, your patients’ non-invasive, at-home complement to in-office treatments. This advanced corrective features Peptide-Pro Complex, our groundbreaking ingredient blend that visibly reduces expression lines caused by repeated muscle movement.

All expressions. No lines.All expressions. No lines.

The Ex-Factor: Peptide-Pro Complex

Our proprietary technology contains proven efficacious levels of neuropeptides, proteins, amino acids, and marine extracts that work synergistically in the epidermis and dermis.

Peptide-Pro ComplexPeptide-Pro Complex

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Clinically-proven immediate and long-term results

ExLinea® Pro Peptide Serum was tested on 31 female participants between the ages of 35 and 55 years old with Fitzpatrick types ranging from I to III. The study evaluated the product’s effects on the skin when applied twice daily over 12 weeks.


100% of patients showed a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles after 12 weeks


100% of patients showed a visible lifting and tightening effect after 4 weeks


100% of patients showed an improvement in skin smoothness and texture after 4 weeks

Visibly improve expression lines while lifting, tightening, and smoothing skin


After 12 weeks


After 12 weeks

Crow's feet



After 12 weeks

Lip lines

Targeted neuropeptide spot treatment



felt their skin was smoother after 4 weeks


felt their skin was firmer after 4 weeks


felt their skin looked younger after 12 weeks

What people are saying

“My skin looks smoother (especially around my eyes), and it feels softer. I also think my jawline is a little more defined now (after a month of use - this took longer). Of all the products I have ever tried this is my favorite. I like it better than the clear Exlinea Peptide Serum. I have seen an actual improvement in my skin in the month I have used it. My daughter is away at college and we Facetime every day and she actually asked me today what I was doing with my skin... that it looks really good!”
- Exlinea Pro user review, Age 46-54

“It left my skin feeling dewy and super hydrated, plumped up the sagging and dull areas. My skin felt rejuvenated, and like years of moisture and elasticity had been magically pumped back in!”
- Exlinea Pro user review, Age 46-54

“I still really love the emulsion about the product.... aside from the visible softening and reduction of fine lines around my eyes, the emulsion is what I love best about this new formulation of PCA ExLinea. I love the way it comes out of the bottle, onto my fingers and then is easily absorbed into my skin without leaving stickiness or residue.”
- Exlinea Pro user review, Age 30-45

My skin has a nice glow and helps with the wrinkles.”
- Exlinea Pro user review, Age 30-45

For 30 years, PCA SKIN® has pioneered and perfected the science of skin health. We were founded on the belief that delivering transformative solutions backed by science can improve not just your skin, but your life. Whether experienced through licensed skin health professionals trained and certified by PCA SKIN®, or as part of a daily care routine at home, you can trust we have put our best into helping you feel your best.