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Work life at PCA SKIN®

Our employees are the heart of PCA SKIN and we carry our company mission, improving people’s lives, into our work culture. We are dedicated to providing a creative, entrepreneurial and collaborative work environment in which they can thrive. We encourage employees to follow their passions, and invest in their development and growth to help them do so. Above all, we value fun – we play just as hard as we work.

results driven

We have an expectation of excellence that extends from our products, to our business practices to our employees. We are a company of doers. We are competitive, driven and always strive for superior results.

customer centric

We put the customer first in everything we do. Each of our employees, those at our corporate office, at our distribution center and in the field, make decisions that positively impact our customers every day.


We foster a culture of opportunity, encouraging employees to think big, take risks and look past the status quo for new ideas. From entry level employees, to the CEO, we are always asking “what if?".


Trust is more than accountability. It is a culture of mutual respect in which we trust our employees to work hard for us, and they trust us to work hard for them, investing in their development, health and overall wellness.


Our mission of Improving people’s lives extends into our community. As a company and as individuals, we work to better our community, giving back to local and national organizations.


We believe encouraging play builds a more positive and enjoyable work environment. We celebrate things big and small, from surpassing business goals to birthdays to our annual Halloween celebration.