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PCA Skin Certified Professionals
"…my skincare obsession began when I was very young."

A Conversation with Romy Rave's

Romy shares her journey to becoming an expert beauty blogger

What sparked your passion in skincare?

I am a lifelong beauty junkie and it all began when I was a tween who loved visiting the beauty department of my local department store and asking for beauty product samples to collect and share with my friends. I was an OG influencer way before it was even trendy. I also started getting facials when I was 16, so my skincare obsession began when I was very young! Since, I have worked in the beauty industry for over 25 years. First, in consumer research doing focus groups in the beauty industry and then ten years ago I started Romy Raves, to share my passion about beauty and skincare in order to elevate women’s lives in positive way.

What made you realize you wanted to share your perspective on social media? Who or what inspired you to do so?

For my entire life, I have always been that go-to person among my friends and family for recommendations of the best beauty products, treatments, experiences, places to eat etc. So it was such a natural segue when my husband suggested to me over 10 years ago when blogging was just starting out, that I should create a blog because people always come to you for recommendations and advice. The rest is history.

How has the beauty industry affected your life personally?

The beauty business is all about instant gratification and that is what I love most about it. I love how the right shade of lipstick can instantly change your mood or how a gorgeous face serum can immediately transform your tired skin and make it look refreshed and radiant.

What are your favorite ingredients right now and why?

My three favorite ingredients are: Retinol because it’s still the gold standard ingredient that truly reverses aging; Hyaluronic Acid because it is a super hydrating active ingredient that retains 1000 times its weight in water and it helps keep your skin plump and hydrated; and lastly, Hydroquinone because it really helps get rid of pigmentation.

Why do you choose PCA SKIN products?

As a woman over 40, I need skincare that transform my skin and PCA products are results-driven and they deliver noticeable changes in my skin both immediately and long term. PCA products are state-of-the-art and they use a myriad of the most effective and innovative active ingredients on the skincare landscape. When someone asks me what products will really help make their skin look younger, PCA SKIN is always my top recommendation.

Learn more about Romy’s starter kit Here.

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